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Philips PPM7501 Mini Sports Massage Gun - Blue
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  • Ultra power with ultra compact body
  • - This ultra slim mini massage gun is a powerful tool for people who do regular exercises. With a powerful dynamic system, it can provide an amazing 10kg power output at 8mm massage depth, which is perfect for sport warm up and recovery.
  • - 2 Years Local Warranty




Store in a cool dry place.


  • [Increase massage and power output] With the powerful dynamic system, the device can provide a 10kg output power at 8mm massage depth, which is an innovative breakthrough.
  • [The light ring on top shows the power output in real-time] Real-time strength feedback shows on light ring with colors. You can monitor the pressure you are using on your body, so that you can adjust your massage plan according to advice of your physio.
  • [Ultra slim 35mm handle] Only 35mm wide, the metallic handle is easy to grasp. The overall size is just It can be put in close fitting sport bags and occupies very little space.
  • [Whole outer housing and dynamic system are made from metal] The housing is made from refined aluminium which is light weight and strong. The whole dynamic system is made from precision metal. All the parts are not just strong and durable but also perfectly detailed.
  • [6 professional massage heads] Massage heads are essential for massage guns. This massage gun has 6 massage heads, which can satisfy all sport recovery and daily relaxation purpose.
  • [Deliver strong penetrating waves while avoid skin allergies] Specially tuned and powerful DC brushless motor, the SuperDynamic all-metal super power system ensures that the massage gun can reach the maximum thrust of 10kg. It enhances the effect of daily relaxing massage.
  • [Enhance the massage amplitude and comfort level] The high elasticity of the rubber complements the vibration frequency of the massage gun, optimizing muscle tissue penetration for the best possible massage effect. The soft rubber surface is easy to clean supporting bacteria and harmful substances removal after long-term use. Protecting the skin's health.