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Nongshim Korean Fried Noodle Ramyun - Seafood Bulgogi
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Key Information

Spicy taste of Korean Seafood Bulgogi! Perfect for Seafood Lovers!

Country/place of Origin



Dietary informationHalal


  • 1. Put 500ml water into a pot and boil.
  • 2. Put noodle and vegetable flakes into boiling water and cook for 5 minutes
  • 3. Please remove water from noodle (remain 7-8 spoons of water) and put soup base into the noodle
  • 4. Stir well and serve


Store in a cool, dry place.


Noodle: Wheat flour(Cereal containing gluten), Potato starch, Vegetable oil, Modified potato starch, Salt, Acidity regulator (E501), Colour(E101(i)), Green tea extract. Soup Base: Sugar, Salt, Hydrolzed vegetable protein (Soybean product), Flavour enhancer (E621, E635), Maltodextrin, Spices, Mussel extract (0.5673%), Chili powder, Chili extract, Squid extract (0.2095%), Corn flour, Vegetable oil, Yeast extract, Chili paste (Wheat flour, Chili powder, Salt), Kelp extract, Soybean paste powder (Soybean, Salt, Wheat flour)(Soybean product), Corn starch, Bonito extract (0.0552%)(Fish product), Malt syrup, Colour (E150a), Acidity regulator (E501,E330), Glucose, Anticaking agent (E551), Antioxidant (E307). Vegetable Flakes: Dehydrated seaweed, Dehydrated carrot, Dehydrated green onion, Dehydrated Chinese cabbage.