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Australia Avocado - Large
3 per pack|Brand:Australia
3.5|125 ratings

Key Information

  • Avocado is a stone fruit which grows in a warm climate. It has a tough skin of colours ranging from green to brown on the outside and comes in an egg shape. It has a creamy texture which comes from healthy fat that will leave you feeling full and satiated.
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  • Best ways to enjoy:
  • • Season the avocadoes with a pinch of salt and pepper & eat it as it is.
  • • Cut it into chunks and drizzle it with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pepper, and salt.
  • • Add diced avocado to your eggs while they’re cooking in a pan
  • • Substitute regular spreads like butter and margarine with avocados to boost the nutrients level in your meal.
  • • Add it into your smoothies, ice cream and salad
  • • Grilled
  • • Pickled


  • • To maintain its optimum quality for longer, store the item(s) whole in the fridge
  • • Best consumed within 8 days of delivery