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Biofinest Grape Seed 20000mg Grapeseed Vitamin C Supplement
180 pc|Brand:Biofinest
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USA Superfoods & Supplements
BiofinestUSA Superfoods & Supplements
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USA Superfoods & Supplements
BiofinestUSA Superfoods & Supplements


Why Choose Biofinest Supplement: -Made in USA premium quality, sustainably sourced from trusted origin, formulated with high strength pure natural ingredients for optimal absorption. We use custom formulation to integrate all the best ingredients for your maximum health benefits. Check and compare our formulation (more health benefits in a bottle for you!) -Big bottle for huge value for money, best savings per capsule. Direct USA manufacturer. Thats how we keep the price low for premium products. Quality products at a fraction of the going price. Check and compare our price per capsule (half price or less is common!) -Pure, gluten-Free, non-GMO, vegan, 3rd party lab tested, GMP/FDA registered facility. Free of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, fillers, yeast, sugar, soy, dairy, antibiotics and preservatives. We are proud to offer only 100% safe supplements for you and your family. -Double layer airtight sealed to ensure product authenticity, maximum protection and prolonged freshness. Industry grade dark amber bottle packaging to protect the supplement against any exposure to UV light and moisture. -Easy to use flip-open-close bottle cap for daily use; long expiry date (at least >1 year, unless clearance/ otherwise stated), convenience to carry around for home, office, workout and traveling. -Smooth and easy to swallow form, no oversize capsules, no nauseating bitter after taste. -Enteric coatings are used*: Our tables are covered with a layer of coating to protect them against dampness or bacteria. Tasteless, no bitter aftertaste, smooth to swallow, as it prevents the supplement being released in the acidic conditions of the stomach before reaching the intestine, hence maximizing the efficacy and absorption. *Applicable to tablets form product only.




Dietary informationOrganic
Dietary informationHealthier Choice
Dietary informationVegetarian
Dietary informationTrans-Fat Free
Dietary informationGluten-Free
Dietary informationLactose-Free
Dietary informationHypoallergenic


100% Pure, gluten-Free, non-GMO, 3rd party lab tested. Made in the USA, sustainably sourced from trusted origin. Custom formulation, high strength, optimal absorption. Easy to swallow, convenient flip-open-close bottle cap. No oversize capsules, no nauseating bitter aftertaste. Authentic double layer airtight sealed for freshness. Zero additives, preservatives, sugar, and chemicals. Big bottle value for money, best savings per capsule.


Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.


Biofinest Grape Seed 20000mg Extract Supplement - Grapeseed 95% Polyphenols OPC Vitamin C Antioxidant Resveratrol - Reduce Free Radical Damage Pain Swelling - Heart Blood Circulation Pressure Skin Care Beauty Aging Collagen Immune (180 Veg. Capsules)