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Peach Gum Jellies

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45 min

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120 min



Pandan Leaves (knotted)
PASAR Dried Longan Meat
40 g
Seedless Red Dates
15 g
Gingko Nuts
40 g
Lotus Seeds
40 g
Peach Gum (soaked overnight till soft, then rinsed)
40 g
PASAR White Fungus (soaked till soft, stems removed)
6 g
PASAR Yellow Rock Sugar
120 g
Agar Agar Powder
10 g
1.3 l

How to cook

Simmer the ingredients altogether in a pot

  • Pour the water into a pot. Add the dried longan meat, red dates, gingko nuts, lotus seeds and pandan leaves, and turn up the heat until it reaches a rolling boil.
  • Cut the rinsed peach gum and white fungus into smaller pieces. Add them into the same pot to simmer for about 40 mins.
  • Add the yellow rock sugar and dissolve well. Mix the agar agar powder in gradually, stirring constantly over low heat.

Refrigerate the jellies & release from the moulds to serve!

  • Turn off the stove heat and allow the mixture to cool slightly. Pour into jelly moulds and refrigerate for a minimum of two hours.
  • Release the cooled jelly from the moulds and enjoy!
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