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Baked Tiger Curry Puff with Kelly Luncheon Ham (Picante Pork)

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25 min



Plain Flour
410 g
Pork Luncheon Meat
Picante Pork Flavor
1 can
Unsalted Butter
150 g
2 pieces
Brown Sugar
1 tbsp
34 tsp
110 ml

How to cook

Prepare the dough

  • Mix the flour, salt, sugar and butter together.
  • Pour in the water and mix all until incorporated.
  • Make the oil dough by mixing flour and butter together, then wrap it in cling wrap.
  • Rest both dough for 20 minutes in room temperature.
  • Flatten the water dough to a disc shape, place the oil dough in the middle, and wrap the water dough around it.
  • Flatten the dough to a rectangle shape and roll it like a swiss roll.
  • Flatten the long roll once again to a rectangle shape, roll it a second time like a swiss roll.
  • Divide the dough to 11 equal portions.
  • Flatten each portion (10 of them) to a disc shape.
  • Place the filling in one disc, cover it with another disc, then pinch and crimp the edges.
  • Optional: Use the extra dough to decorate the puffs. I use charcoal powder to color some of the dough for the tiger stripes, eyes, and nose.

Start baking

  • Bake on a preheated oven at 200°C for 25 minutes.
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