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Baby Tiger Red Bean Bread (Anpan)

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From YoRipe by Strawbeariemilk
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120 min



Japanese Bread Flour
160 g
4 tsp
Instant Dry Yeast
1 tsp
Pumpkin Powder
1 tsp
Beaten Egg
1 tbsp
Unsalted Butter
25 g
13 tsp
Warm Water
85-90 ml, 40¬?C
85 ml
Japanese Red Bean Paste
150 g
Shiratama Flour
25 g
10 g
50 ml
Potato Starch
1 tbsp
Beaten Egg
as appropriate
Round White Chocolate Buttons
5 pieces
Brown Chocolate Pen
1 piece
Pink Chocolate Pen
1 piece

How to cook

Put all ingredients for bread dough (A) into a bowl. Add warm water (B) to (A) and mix until combined.

  • Place dough on the table and knead well till smooth and elastic and reaches windowpane stage.
  • Shape the dough into a ball, pinch the bottom to seal and place it into a bowl. Cover with cling wrap and ferment it for 25 minutes at 40 degree celsius or until dough has doubled in size.
  • While waiting for the dough to ferment, prepare the mochi. Combine the Shiratama flour and sugar into a heat-resistant bowl, and add water. Mix well. Cover with cling wrap and heat it in the microwave at 600W for 1 min. Remove and mix well. Cover it again and heat again for again at 600W for 40s to 1 min or till it becomes translucent and sticky.
  • Dust ¬? tablespoon of potato starch on a tray and place the mochi on top. Dust the mochi with the remaining potato starch. Set aside to cool.
  • Divide the red bean paste into 5 equal portions and set aside.
  • Divide the cooled mochi into 5 equal portions using a plastic scraper.
  • When the dough fermentation is complete, perform finger test and degas the dough.
  • Weigh 5g x 10 pieces for the ears. Weigh and divide the rest of the dough into 5 pieces. Reshape the divided dough into balls and pinch the bottom to seal. Cover with cling wrap and let it rest for 10 minutes.
  • With seam side up, roll one of the bigger dough portions into a 15cm x 10cm oval shape using a rolling pin.
  • Place the red bean paste and a piece of mochi on the upper half of the dough, leaving a border around. Fold up the bottom half of the dough to wrap the filling. Press the edges down all around to close and seal the dough. Place it on a small sheet of parchment paper.

Repeat for the rest of the 4 pieces.

  • Re-roll the dough for the ears and place it at the sides of each of the 4 pieces of dough. Tuck them below the dough edges.
  • Make 2 small slits (about 1cm) at the bottom sides of each dough to shape the tiger whiskers using a scraper. Do not cut too deep as it will cause the fillings to burst.
  • Cover the tray with cling wrap. Ferment it for 15 -20 minutes at 40 degree celsius or till dough doubles in size.
  • Apply egg wash lightly to the surface and sides of the dough.

Start baking

  • Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 degree celsius for 15-18 minutes. Leave them to cool.

Assemble & serve

  • Draw the nose on the white chocolate buttons using the brown chocolate pen. Stick it down onto the bread by applying the melted brown chocolate from the pen. Draw the eyes, whiskers and tiger stripes. Use the pink chocolate pen to draw blusher.
  • Leave to set. And it's done!
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