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Kotex Soft & Smooth Slim Overnight Wing Pads -Heavy(35cm)
16 per pack$0.39/pc|Brand:Kotex
4.2|6 ratings

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Key Information

  • • Soft and cottony feel
  • • Specially designed to provide all round protection that gives the security required for leakage prevention in any sleeping position
  • • Back pro-active guard - at the first detection of fluid flow, the smart flap gently lifts and creates a back leak-blocking barrier
  • • Longer & wider back wings to provide 50% wider back protection coverage
  • • Side cushion guards form protective barriers to trap side leakage
  • • Central rapid absorb core which helps absorb sudden gushes directly at the source for exceptional protection in any situation
  • • Sleep comfortably just like any other nights

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