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Ja-Rice Rice - Akita Akitakomachi (Rinse Free)
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  • 1. Measure the rice accurately using a measuring cup
  • 2. You don’t need to rinse the rice with tap water before cooking
  • 3. For tastier rice, use mineral water instead of tap water
  • 4. Use a little more water than usual (about 5%)
  • 5. If the rice cooker has markings specifically for rinse free rice, add water to the level indicated
  • 6. Place the appropricate amount of rice in the rice cooker
  • 7. Make sure your cooker is in "white rice cooking" mode and turn it on
  • 8. Leave the rice in water for approximately 30 minutes before cooking unless your rice cooker has a microcomputer function
  • 9. Let the rice stand for about 15 minutes after cooking
  • 10. Stir the rice with a serving spoon from the bottom up to "un stick" the grains and fluff
  • 11. Let the steam evaporate


  • • Keep this bag away from babies and children
  • • Placement over the head of face may result in suffocation
  • • This bag is flammable
  • • Never put it close to fire
  • • Keep in a cool place or refrigerate after opening
  • • Store at room temperature
  • • Store away from direct sunlight and moisture

Additional Information

Tasty rice grown with loving care by the farmers within the Japan agricultural cooperatives (JA)